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After I stopped believing
that love could ever be real.
Giving up on what I knew,
I thought my heart wouldn't heal.

To me love was just a game,
a game that I could never win.
Losing everything I had,
everything that could've been.

Then here you come into my life
changing the thoughts in my mind.
Bringing me to a new start
leaving all my pain behind.

You're the reason that I write,
brand new poems of true love.
You've given me the things I need,
everything that I've dreamed of.

You showed me how to love again,
the things I lost; in you I found.
You gave me a reason to smile,
you said I had no need to frown.

I will forever be grateful
for everything you have to give.
All the happiness I needed,
and another reason to live.

Every time I hear your name,
a smile forms across my face.
A new feeling...everlasting,
that I know nothing can replace.

I'm so thankful that I have you,
you're there when I need you most.
I don't want anything else,
I just want to hold you close.

I know you'll stay right by my side,
and walk with me that extra mile.
Your love is my reason to live,
and you are my reason to smile.


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